EliteBuild Solutions

EliteBuild Solutions objective to provide our valuable clients the best skilled and professional construction staff, advanced technical solutions and specific innovative products to deliver their projects on time and budget.

Our people are dedicated to excellence through consultation, ingenuity and innovation while ensuring total commitment to workplace health and safety, business ethics and cooperation.

We strive to build positive professional relationships with contractors and project staff, so that we can deliver all construction projects to the highest standards. With our team of experts providing support for all your needs, you can be sure that your project is in very safe hands.

Through our of range of high-end construction products, you can decrease downtime and increase efficiencies.

We adhere to all construction practices.


Ensuring every project is completed within schedule

Project Engineering Services

We also deliver high-quality, constructable engineering design solutions suitable for any sector.

We meet your organisational needs by supporting long term lowest cost operation, offering you the safest and best value delivery.

Labour Hire Services

Rural Construction Labour Hire Support

Labour Hire Services

Our workforce solution strategy will fit the needs of your business.

We specialise in temporary and long-term workforce solutions to the building and civil construction industries.

We strive to maintain the highest levels of client support, timely service through outstanding integrity and professionalism.

Diamond Grid

Stabilisation and Erosion Control

Diamond Grid

DiamondGrid™ is 100% recycled polypropylene, engineered for load of up to 1000 Tonnes per square meter, with up to 96% permeability, Diamond Grid is ecologically friendly and highly durable.

Safety Construction Posts

The fence posts are made from 100% Australian recycled plastics.

Safety Construction Posts

EliteBuild Solutions provides safety fence posts that last a lifetime.

Built for superior strength and longlivity, they out perform timber posts while featuring an attractive aesthetic for contained areas.

We can help you customise sizes and solutions to suit any project. Or, take advantage of our easy to install DIY star picket dressing kit.

Safety Matting Solutions

Matting that ensures high performance, softness & lasting durability.

Safety Matting Solutions

EliteBuild Solutions provide an extensive range of rubber matting solutions, expertly designed and developed.

Our premium quality mats are made from the finest natural rubber ensuring high performance, softness and long-lasting durability.

Our Partnerships