Your fast, reliable skilled labour hire partner.

EliteBuild Solutions provides labour hire and places highly skilled candidates across local and national projects.

We specialise in temporary and long-term workforce solutions to the building and civil construction industries. Our workforce solution stratgey will fit the needs of your business. Specialsing in construction labour hire, traffic management and general recruitment, we ensure you have a cost effective solutions to meet your production goals.

We strive to maintain the highest levels of client support, timely service through outstanding integrity and professionalism.

EliteBuild Solutions - We build to Last

Rural Construction Labour Hire Support

We specialise in providing quality, skilled labour hire for Construction, Building, Civil & Rail, Security Services in rural areas.

We provide temporary and long-term workforce solutions to the building and civil construction industries in rural Australian areas.

EliteBuild Solutions provides

  • labour at short notice for either short or long term projects
  • a single point of contact for our clients to ensure communication is clear and client's requirements and expectations are known
  • a 'one-stop shop' for all our clients labour requirements 
  • current EBAs for all commercial work where necessary 
  • full compliance with all industry awards and applicable standards.

Our Process

We recruit the most highly skilled people through a rigorous sourcing process. This ensures anyone we send out to a job has demonstrated proficiency and is 100% compliant with your industry standards.

At EliteBuild Solutions, we’re all about ensuring our clients achieve their goals and succeed in their field.

We supply reliable workers to our clients that will not just fill a "void" at the workplace, but to provide qualified and skilled workers to ensure maximum productivity is achieved.

This is why so many construction companies have trusted us in providing qualified workers for their projects.

Contact us now on 0406 917 991 or email  to discuss your staff requirements.


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